Bread Delivery Song
Song by SwaySway and Buhdeuce
Episode All episodes
Genre(s) Rock
Length 32 seconds
Steve Borst

Gary Doodles

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Breadwinners Theme Song00:32

Breadwinners Theme Song

"Bread Delivery Song" is the theme song of Breadwinners. It is sung by SwaySway & Buhdeuce. The lyrics were written by the creators, Steve Borst & Gary Doodles.


Buckle up, duckies
'Cause we got a rocket van
Delivering bread
Flying quazy 'cause we can

Quazy (quack), quazy (quack), quazy 'cause we can SwaySway!: Buhdeuce! Do a barrel roll, man!
woohoo!: Buckle up, duckies
Cause we got a rocket van

Delivering bread Flying quazy 'cause we can
: Booty kick it, party punch it
Shake your feathers, make your pants dance
Look out, we're gonna crash land!


  • The line "Do a barrel roll man!" Is most likely a referance to the popular Nintendo franchise Star Fox. The character Peppy Hare, tells Fox, the protagonist, to do a barrel roll.

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