Buhdeuce's Rap Battle (song)
Song by Buhdeuce
Released 2015
Episode Robot Arms
Genre(s) Rap
Previous "TBA"
Next "TBA"
Buhdeuce's Rap Battle (song) is a song sung by Buhdeuce in an episode, called, "Robot Arms."


'Buhdeuce: Hit it, Mr. P!

(Mr. Pumper plays the DJ system.)

Yo! I'm Buhdeuce, von Deuce, Bersukovich the first!

I like to let loose, booty kick and drop a verse.

You're a bully, you're a beast, you're a big stinky beaver.

Oonski the Great? Fffft!

More like Oonski the, "Worst."

Word to your mother.


This song was sung before Oonski's song in the Rap Battle.

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