Every Day Song
Song by SwaySway, Buhdeuce and Oonski the Great
Released 2014
Length 1:10
Breadwinners Every Day on Nick Promo

Breadwinners Every Day on Nick Promo

"Every Day Song" is a song sung by SwaySway and Buhduece (a little bit from Oonski) in the "Breadwinners Every Day" promo.


SwaySway: Sometimes we meet big monsters scary and cruel
Buhdeuce: Sometimes the Rocket Van runs low on fuel

SwaySway: When Oosnki's on our backs with his pointy hat and we're trembling
Oonski: Trembling

Buhdeuce: Always delivering goods in nasty hoods
I don't worry about a thing

SwaySway: Why's that?

Buhduece: You can man the van with your feathered hands
And do quazy tricks
SwaySway: And you can do ninja rolls and summersalts and booty kicks
Buhduece: Yeah, boy!

Both: We really are the best Breadwinners that we can be

SwaySway: Your better than the best
Your bestest to me

Buhdeuce: But I can't even floss by beak...
SwaySway: So?
Buhduece: Or count to three
SwaySway: That's why you got me....

Buhdeuce: I really am the best Breadwinner that I can be
SwaySway: You can be...
Both: We can be...