SwaySway: I be buffin' my beak, every single day Buffin' it good, buffin' every which way I love my beak buffer, best thing in the world! Put it on high, and watch it whirl! [puts it on high and buffs his beak, his beak shines] Oh yeah! That is one sweet beak!

[SwaySway walks out while Buhdeuce comes out of the shower]

Buhdeuce: I be fluffin' my feathers, every single day Fluffin' it good, fluffin' every which way I love my feather fluffer, it's my favorite thing Make me feel so good, make me feel so clean! [falls from breaking the sink] I'm ok! I'm ok. Good thing I had SwaySway's beak buffer to break my fall. [sees he squashed the beak buffer] SWAYSWAY'S BEAK BUFFER!? OH NO! Ohhh SwaySway is going to hate my duck guts!

SwaySway: Wrong! [walks into bathroom] Nothing could ever make me hate you my fine feathered bap!

Buhdeuce: In that case, I totally busted your beak buffer.

[SwaySway looks shockingly at it while Jelly leaves both of them alone]

SwaySway: You, you busted my buffer. [picks it up] My beautiful beautiful beak buffer! Ok, Sway, just try to keep your cool. No can do. [throws beak buffer which land on and damages feather fluffer] Aw crummers.

Buhdeuce: Oh no nononononono My Feather Fluffer My Beautiful Beautiful Feathers Fluffer YOU YOU BROKE MY FEATHER FLUFFER UNPURPOUSE

SwaySway: No I didn't! But... since you busted by beak buffer, I'm not exactly sorry.


SwaySway: Actually those are mine.

Buhdeuce: My lucky left sock

SwaySway: Also mine.

Buhdeuce: And my nose hair collection

SwaySway: All yours!

Buhdeuce: And I... am MOVING OUT! Good day to you, bap.

SwaySway: Fine then! Go! And don't come back unless it's on your knees to beg for my forgiveness!

Buhdeuce: Not gonna happen! [goes to Jelly's froghouse] Good news Jelly! I'm gonna live with you from now on! [squeezes in] So.. you have a guest room or something?

[transition to Ketta Auto Tune Up]

Ketta: (gasps) Aw lugnuts! You guys can't part ways! You're best baps!

SwaySway: We're best baps. Our previous relationship is toast.

Buhdeuce: Can you make one of these for me please?

Ketta: Sure. But building a rocket van takes time... Give me 4 seconds [builds] Ta da! Your very own rocket van! A.k.a. the pocket van!

Buhdeuce: Yeah boi! Now I can deliver bread without you!

SwaySway: Like whatever. It's exactly what I wanted anyway.

Buhdeuce: [squeezes in] Wow! Surprisingly roomy

Ketta: And invariably friendly, The pocket van is entirely powered by natural gas.

Buhdeuce: Then check out my carbon fart bring. [farts to get out of the valley] Later! [SwaySway gets in the rocket van]

Ketta: You know Sway, maybe you should prove you're the bigger bap, and have a Heart to Heart with him.

SwaySway: Oh I'll prove I'm the bigger bap alright. By kicking his tail at delivering bread!

[transition to "Breadwinner Battle"]

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