Freaky Finger Bread
Freaky Finger Bread (41)
Song by SwaySway
Episode Freaky Finger Bread

Freaky Finger Bread is a song sung by SwaySway in the episode of the same name.


You were given to me
By my best bap on my birthday...
Then out popped some fingers,
And you rubbed me the wrong way.
I hated you from the start
But I didn't wanna break his heart
So I pretended to love you!
Even though I never did'!!!'
You're skeevy, you're creepy!
Ugh, I'm just so sick of you!!
(Freaky finger!)
(Freaky finger bread!)
Your time has come
And now there's one thing left to do...
(Freaky finger!)
(Freaky finger bread!!)
No more poking my eyes
Or flicking my butt,
Your days are numbered
And you're out of luck!
So goodbye forever to you
Freaky finger bread!

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