Froggy Back-A-Jelly
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Song by SwaySway, and Buhdeuce
Episode Rodeo Ducks
Genre(s) TBA
Previous "I'm Just A Nice Guy Giving Out Free Bread"
Next "Prepare to be a Viking"

"Froggy Back-A-Jelly" is a song sung by SwaySway, and Buhdeuce.


SwaySway: We be

Both: Froggy Back-A-Jelly Froggy Back-A-Jelly


Froggy Back-A-Jelly Froggy Back-A-Jelly

Jelly: Ribbit!

SwaySway: Hoppin' up the swamp pad, hippy hop hippy ho

Buhdeuce: Hoppin' down the swamp pad, hippy hop, hippy whoa!

Both: Froggy Back-A-Jelly Froggy Back-A-Jelly

Monster: What?

Both: Froggy Froggy Froggy Back-A Back-A Back-A Jelly!

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