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Breadwinners - Getting Bready for the Day00:34

Breadwinners - Getting Bready for the Day

Getting Bready for the Day is a song sung by SwaySway and Buhdeuce in the episode "Chest Hair Club".


SwaySway: Yo, Buhdeuce~ Are you bready for another day of being best baps for life, forever, for all eternityyy??
Buhdeuce: YEAH BOYYYY!
SwaySway: Then let me get a party punch!
Together: P-P-P-P-PARTY PUNCH!
SwaySway: Getting bready for the day!
Buhdeuce: For the day!
Together: For the day!
SwaySway: I got my best bap,
Buhdeuce: And I got mine, his name's Swaaay~
Together: -Giggling-
SwaySway: Aww..

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