The Giant Birthday Cake is one of Buhdeuce's fears that appeared in the episode "Tunnel of Fear". He is Buhdeuce's fear because on his 1st birthday the cake fell on him. He still has the number 1 candle and some of the cake in his butt.


Tunnel of Fear

When Buhdeuce turned one year old, he tried to reach the birthday cake on the table. However, the table tipped over and the cake fell on him. This accident trumatized poor Buhdeuce and resulted in him becoming afraid of birthday cake, and causing him to still be digging cake out of his butt crack by the time he was an adult.

The Giant Birthday Cake appeared in the tunnel of fear and taunted Buhdeuce by calling him "big boy", "birthday boy", and telling him to "come over here and blow out his candles". Buhdeuce wanted to run away, but SwaySway told him that it was time to face his fear. Buhdeuce ran up to the monster shouting "QUACK! QUACKEDY QUACK QUACK QUACK!" and began to eat the Birthday Cake. When the cake was defeated, SwaySway praised Buhdeuce for conquering his fear and they continued their journey to save Jelly.


Season 1

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