Hotshot is a PhotoShopped character, Jenny Quackles' boyfriend and a antagonist in Breadwinners.


As his name suggests, Hotshot is a show-off and does a very good job at it too. He is always getting pulled over by Rambamboo for trying too hard to be cool.


Jenny Quackles

Hotshot and Jenny became a couple in the end of "Pondgea's Got Talent after he blew the audience away at Mr. Pumpers' talent show with his quazy motorcycle tricks. Even after SwaySway sang to her and blew Hotshot away, Jenny rejected him and drove off with The Leader of the Biker Ducks.


Rambamboo and Hotshot are on bad terms because Hotshot is a wreckless driver who failed Rambamboo's driving school for purposely putting both of them in danger.


HotShot seems to be one of Kenneth's best friends. It is unknown what he thinks of him after he came back to Buhdeuce.