[The episode starts with the Rocket Van landing near Ketta's Auto-Tune Up, SwaySway and Buhdeuce pop out.]
SwaySway: Woo-Hoo! I give that landing a 9.5!
[However the engines on the Rocket Van Start to Break]
SwaySway: Make that 10!
[one piece of the rocket van lands on buhdeuce]
Buhdeuce: Uhh... I think it's time for a tune up, We better go find Ketta.
[suddently a dinosaur roars, the guys are freaked out]]
SwaySway and Buhdeuce: [scream]
Ketta: Whoah! Buttermilk! easy girl!
SwaySway: [surprised] Holy Guacamole Alright!
Ketta: Sorry, guys, just testing out my latest invention: The Dino-Training Helmet 3000!
Buhdeuce: [confused] The hoop in the what now?
Ketta: [jumps off the Buttermilk] I can teach her to do anything I want with this puppy! Check it out! Roll over, girl!
Buttermilk: [rolls over]
Ketta: Now, sit!
Buttermilk: [sits]
Ketta: And turn yourself inside out!
Buttermilk: [skin disappeares and reappeares]


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