This is a complete list of songs featured in the Nickelodeon animated series Breadwinners.

HD "Breadwinners" Every Day Song01:17

HD "Breadwinners" Every Day Song

Out-of-Show Songs

Season 1

Thug Loaf

Breadwinners Delivered All The Bread00:28

Breadwinners Delivered All The Bread

Breadwinners Motto00:26

Breadwinners Motto

Breadwinners Theme Song00:32

Breadwinners Theme Song

Mine All Mine

Stank Breath

  • None.

Frog Day Afternoon

Employee of the Month


Rocket Trouble

  • None.

The Brave and the Mold

  • None.

Lost at Pond

From Bad to Nurse

Love Loaf

Beach Day of Horror

Quazy for Vanessa

Tunnel of Fear

Driver's Breaducation

Food Fight Club

Diner Ducks

  • None.


  • None.


  • None.

Fowl Feud

Insane in the Crane Game

Buhdeuce Goes Berserks

  • None.

Lil Loafie

Oonski the Grateful



Night of the Living Bread



  • None

Space Ducks


  • none

Pondgea's Got Talent

Weekend at Furfle's

Season 2

Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting


Chest Hair Club

Bros' Night Out

  • None

Bad to the Duck Bone

  • None

Rodeo Ducks

Viking Ducks

Birthday Bread

Wolf Head Bread

  • None

Rock N' Roar

===Movie Ducks===SwaySway and Buhdeuce

  • None

Don't Feed the Duckosaurs

Wrath of the Pizza Lord

Shrunken Ducks

Trash Bandit

Eat at Pumpers

A Crustmas Story

Flock Collecting

Bye Bye Booty


Slumber Party of Horror

  • None

Graining Day

  • None

Buhdouble Trouble

  • None

Sneeze The Day

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