Mittens is a minor recurring character in Breadwinners. She is Mrs. Furfles' catduck. She has a face similar to that of a duck, but is very cat-like in nature. She seems to attack others only when Mrs. Furfles tells her to, and only calms down when Furfles yells her name.


  • Her name wasn't revealed until "Substitute Breadwinner".
  • Her gender was also quite ambiguous.

However, when Buhdeuce sees several other catducks peek their heads out the kitty door he exclaims: "Oh no! Mittens has kittens!" which could mean that Mittens is likely female.

  • She was shown to have a butthole (when shown going through Mrs. Furfles' hair). It's also the first time a show like Breadwinners could get away with showing a cat's butthole in slight detail.
  • She looks similar to other catducks shown on the show.
  • It is unknown if she likes Deucer or Ketta

for that matter. Although it could be possible that she's only mauling the two, cause Furfles is suspicious as to whether it's really Buhdeuce and Ketta or just some "delinquents pretending to be Breadwinners". This could make her neutral towards the two.

  • She makes cameos in some pictures of Mrs. Furfles' house (as shown in one episode).
  • She and her kittens seem to make noises similar to the ones wild cats make when really aggressive and ferocious.
  • She has 9 kittens (with one kitten being the smallest) in total. She might've had them with an unseen male catduck. The really small kitten could be the youngest among the others.
    Mittens looks at Buhdeuce all cute

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