Mother is a recurring character in Breadwinners and T-Midi's mom.

She may or may not be deceased.


She hasn't appeared in person, only in pictures. She has grey hair styled into a beehive, purple glasses, and a long blue dress. A running gag in the series is how her paintings always changes depending on her mood.


Although she is not really shown in person,her personality is closely similar to that of her son's.Like T-Midi,she usually acts (because of the many looks of her pictures) like a spunky,rather strict mom who can feel happy,sad,or angry whenever she wants to.Although she and T-Midi usually don't feel the emotions most ducks would (like for instance Swaysway and Buhdeuce) at different times,they still have a playable role in the show and the city of Ducktown.


Sightings in Season 2