NIckelodeon Football Stars is an all new crossover game on It once again features Breadwinners,

Breadwinners Games
Nickelodeon Football Stars
Released December 2014
Genre Football/Rugby
Mode(s) Random match up
Previous game
"Nickelodeon Kingdoms"
Next game
"Merry Match-Ups"

along with SpongeBob, TMNT and Sanjay & Craig.

The art style and teams remain unchanged since Nickelodeon Soccer Stars but with some differences:

  • Patrick is replaced by Sandy
  • All characters wear rugby jerseys and helmets
  • Each character has a unique ability (basically all these serve the same purpose - speeding up)


  • SwaySway (playable and can be conjured when playing as Buhdeuce)
  • Buhdeuce (must be unlocked by playing as SwaySway)
  • Bread Maker (in audience and can be conjured when playing as SwaySway)
  • Jelly (in audience)
  • Rocket Van (conjured when playing as Buhdeuce)


  • SwaySway and Buhdeuce still wear their caps when without their helmets.
  • The blockers are inspired by the brawler ducks that appear in Food Fight Club.
  • The non-living blockers that appear during gameplay include arcade games that appear in Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig.



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