(the story takes place in Cloud Mountain)

Both: Whoo!

Swaysway: A perfect place to take a break from delivering bread.

Buhduece: It's so bueatiful, that i can almost fall asleep. (snores) Bread...

Swaysway: YO, DUECER! Check out that cloud! It looks like a toaster!

Buhduece: Hey, That one looks like my booty! Hi, Big Fluffy Booty!

(cloud butt farts)

SwaySway: and if you squink real hard, dat one looks kinda like oonski's blimp.

buhdeuce: buhhh, I don't see it.

Oonski: FIRE!!!!

(Oonski's crew quacks)


EAT BEAT STEAL! (quack) 2x

I'm oonski the great, & I EAT BEAT STEAL!!

(boom boom boom) 2x

Cloud Monster: Hey, Who's disrupting my teatime? Hmm, Sounds like teatime just became snacktime!

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