Pizza Lord is a minor antagonist of Breadwinners, and the Pizzawinners' boss. He first appeared in the episode "Wrath of the Pizza Lord" and is voiced by Matt Taylor.


the Pizza Lord is very mean spirited, and is the Pizzawinners' boss. He would bake his employees in his pizza pan for those who don't do their job, including the Pizzawinners.

He loves eating pizza and is proud and boastful enough to say he will eat anything as long as it's on a pizza. However when actually challenged to put his pizza where his mouth is even he can't stomach the grossest topping the Breadwinners can come up with, though he would sooner down a hair and eyeball pizza than admit it's one pizza he can't eat.


He is a big floating pizza, with cheese dripping from him.


Zoona and Roni

Zoona and Roni are one of the Pizza Lord's employees. They are the Pizzawinners. He is really cruel to them, and if they don't deliver all the pizzas for a certain time, they are being cooked.


Season 1


"Careful with those pizzas or I'll eat you, like a pizza."
-Pizza Lord[source]

"Bread? I don't wanna hear about bread, I wanna hear about pizza."
-Pizza Lord[source]