Pizzawinners vs breadwinners
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Song by SwaySway, Buhdeuce, Roni and Zoona
Episode Pizzawinners
Pizzawinners vs breadwinners is a song sung by the Breadwinners and the Pizzawinners in the episode "Pizzawinners".


(race music starts)
sway sway :we de delivery bread
buhdeuce: in yo beak (tosses bread)
roni: we delivery pizzas
zoona: in yo face (tosses pizza)
(necks longing )
sway sway : bubblegum rye !
zoona : pinaple paper ! ( splat pizza in swaysway's face)
buhdeuce : booty kick !
roni : p p p pasesa! (and they two gun pizza and bread)
buhdeuce : time coming out and we have a olny naked neck
swaysway : we are not about to lose
zoona : we are so about to lose
roni : yeah yeah who lose ! ( they two continue to gun food)
(the monster truck thows rocket van in a house )
(battle ends)

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