(episode starts when thee monsters ready to bite rocket van)

Breadwinners EPISODE 13 FULL HD22:33

Breadwinners EPISODE 13 FULL HD

SwaySway: Aw yeah! We score with rika-rika-Rocket van!

buhdeuce :we score with b b b belly! (eats bread )

swaysway: so my fearless feathered friend, whats our next stop?

buhdeuce:(smash laptop)Ms. Furfle an order for 24 loafs of hot tamoli tornato bread.

swaysway: whoo, Furfle's fellin fistey today.So what's the quickest way?

buhdeuce:(stare at laptop)buh, through the pondgea triangle, but we're not quazy enough to do that?

swaysway" (stare at buhdeuce)

buhduece: uh,(chukle) right not quazy enough.

swaysway:(staring again)

buhdeuce: uh, but the pondgea triangle is curced!!!

swaysway: but,bap if it will make you feel better,we'll just fly through really really fast.

buhdeuce: eats No!!that will not make me feel better let's go the long way, it's only five extra minites!!

swaysway: but, think of all the things you could do in thoughs five extra minites.

buhdeuce:(daydream)mm bread, (pour more bread) mm bread. okay let's do it.

(drumatic music)

both:whoa,WHOA!!!uhg (scream)

swaysway: punch it B!!

buhdeuce: hua

poltergoose: (quacks)(posesses the rocket van

both: (gasping) pheu

swaysway: see no need to freak the beak out, we made it out alive and we saved five minites.

buhdeuce: and i'm only going to have nightmares for the rest of my life

rocket van:(ghost sounds)

swaysway: um did you do that?

buhdeuce: I did not do it.dopy nopy swish my hands with soapy

swaysway: something is defently not ric-rica-rica right with the rocket van

buhdeuce:(eats bread) we better get it checked out befor we head to Mrs.Furfles

ketta: ( fixes rocket van) uh, did anything out of the ordanary today?

swaysway: not really ketta. we woke up, washed our beaks, delivered some bread, flew through the pondgea triangle.

ketta: whoa! the pondgea triangle are you quazy?

swaysway: well quazy is kind of our thing.

buhdeuce: and we did save five extra minites

ketta: you guys the pondgea triangle is curced

both: (gasps) we know

ketta: (opens rocket van's lid)( ghost sound) yep just as I suspected. the rocket van has clearly has been possted by-- A POLTERGOOSE

both: (gasp) no!!! anything but that!!!

buhdeuce:what's a poltergoose ?

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