The Poltergoose is an extremely annoying ghost that broke Ketta's stuff, torpedoed Mrs. Furfle, possessed the Rocket Van and made loud, obnoxious honking noises to annoy the Breadwinners.

His first and only appearence is in Poltergoose.


The Poltergoose is a translucent bright lime green goose with a ghostly tail. He wears a white polo shirt. He has a lime green beak and is outlined in the same shade of green.


The Poltergoose is a big nuisance to everyone he encounters. He haunts his victims by annoying the heck out of them. He also has a very loud and obnoxious honk. The Poltergoose loves to possess stuff. But the only way to get him out is by exercizing whatever he possesses. He's also easily agitated when someone insults him.


  • Poltergoose is a pun of the word "poltergeist" (noisy ghost).
  • It makes sense that he's known to be noisy and annoying people is his specialty.
  • Poltergoose was voiced by Max Mittelman.

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