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Pondgea is the planet SwaySway and Buhdeuce live on and where Duck Town is located.

Pondgea, as seen in Frog Day Afternoon.

Known Areas

Known Stores


  • Pondgea is a spinoff of the prehistoric formation of Earth: Pangea. This occured millions of years ago and was the name for all the continents in one formation.
  • Pondgea is also a spinoff of earth by appearance,because instead of continents shaped like America or Europe,they are mostly like lily pads.
  • In Frog Day Afternoon,when Swaysway and Buhdeuce try to take a monster egg to the other side of the globe (so as to prevent Jelly from snatching it with her tongue),the high mountains they arrive at were described as Vancouver,Canada,in a video of how the episodes are made.

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