"Pondgea's Got Talent"
Season 1, Episode 33
Pondgea's Got Talent
Production code: 118a
Airdate: November 22, 2014
Written by: Steve Borst

Gary Doodles

Directed by: Ken McIntyre
Storyboarded by: Andrew Dickman

Robert Iza
Mike Nordstrom

"Raging Mole"
Pondgea's Got Talent is the the first half of the 17th episode of Breadwinners and the 33rd episode overall. It aired on November 22, 2014.


SwaySway must overcome stage fright to preform a love song for Jenny Quackles.


The episode starts when SwaySway and Buhdeuce are at Pumpers eating. Mr. Pumpers comes and asks if they want to join a talent show and they agree. Seeing Jenny, SwaySway decides to enter to convey his love for her. Buhdeuce mocks SwaySway, saying it is really brave of him to perform in front of a lot of ducks, which will probably laugh at him.

On the night itself, SwaySway loses confidence after seeing how well a fellow duck, Hotshot, performs - and even hooks up with Jenny. Once he takes the stage, he can't sing, is greatly humiliated and this prompts him to flee. He summons the Bread Maker but after multiple quacks in between, he is able to say he has stage fright. Bread Maker presents him the bravery bread which can overcome all fears. But SwaySway didn't know you're supposed to take off the kilt before you eat it. Swaysway confesses his overcoming stage fright is to perform for the love of his life, Bread Maker mentions his problem is his love sickness and that bravery bread cant fix that. All he has to do is perform with his heart, and throw himself back in.

SwaySway sings a very romantic and vocally powerful song for Jenny and asks her out. However, Jenny rejects him and rides with the Biker Duck leader.


Main Characters

Supporting characters

Minor characters


  1. Buhdeuce's Talent
  1. Jenny Quackles Love Song 2


  • This is the first episode that SwaySway has ever summoned the Bread Maker by himself.
  • The episode is a reference to the popular television show America's Got Talent.
  • This episode shows that SwaySway still has a huge crush on Jenny.
  • This episode reveals that SwaySway has stage fright. As well that he has loaf sickness over Jenny.
  • Britain's Got Talent: The episode title is similar to ITV Reality competition show, Britain's Got Talent.
  • When Swaysway ran out of Pumpers after being laughed at, his arms went through the doors.
  • SwaySway is seen with glasses again.
  • Rambamboo does not speak in this episode.
  • Seen A lot of Bread is one of the few songs sung by SwaySway throughout the series that does not talk about being a Breadwinner.


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