Quazy for Vanessa
Song by Oonski the Great
Released 2014
Episode Quazy for Vanessa
Previous "Eat Beat Steal!"
Next "Bread on Time"
Breadwinners 'Quazy For Vanessa' Official Music Video Nick01:22

Breadwinners 'Quazy For Vanessa' Official Music Video Nick

"Quazy for Vanessa" is a song sung by Oonski the Great in the episode of the same name.


Oonski: Now that your my girlfriend, there's something you should know.

You'll never be, without Oonski.

Cause I'll never let you GO!

Vanessa, I'll be so good to you!

Everything, I do I do for you!

Come On, Vanessa! You Drive Me Quazy!

I like you, so much, I want to raise a family with YOU!

With YOU!

Send the kid to school, send the kid to collage!

He will make us proud, he will be a doctor!

So what do you say Vanessa? Will you make me the happiest Viking Beaver in the world and MARRY ME?

Buhdeuce: [Talks through a microphone, in a girly voice] No.

SwaySway: [Grabs the microphone, also in a girly voice] No WAY I wouldn't say yes!

Oonski: Yes! Yes! Victory dance!

Oh yeah!

Oonski, Oonski, Oonski, Oonski

Oh yeah!

Oonski, Oonski, Oonski, Oonski...

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