see all bread and watch how make it


  1. Bubblegum Rye
  2. Huckleberry Spaghetti Bread
  3. 47 Grain
  4. Clammy Brioche
  5. Prune Bread
  6. Fancy Bread
  7. Stank Bread
  8. Minty-Good Bread
  9. Super Rancid Bean Bread
  10. Love Loaf
  11. The Classic


  • Sprinkles on top and a chewy bubblegum filling inside! This bread requires a special tool to inject the bubblegum mid-bake
  • Huckleberry or Spaghetti? The Breadwinners couldn’t decide, so they just used 'em both! It might look a little odd, but the critics say it’s BERRY delicious!
  • Barley, bulgar, quinoa, oats and so much more! We know fiber is good for you, but this seems like a LOT of ingredients...
  • Steamed, baked or fried! This scrumptious salty bread uses clams
  • Contrary to popular opinion, prune bread is NOT made with the chewy fruit. It’s actually just regular bread that's been in the bath way too long! Didn't your mother warn you?
  • T-Midi's favorite bread. Just make sure to put on the top hat AFTER the yeast has risen! A lesson hard earned
  • The foulest loaf known to foul. It can't be baked, it's only formed in the Stanky Dank Cave when a cave monster eats a moldy loaf of bread and regurgitates it... Gross!
  • One slice of Minty Good Bread packs in more than an acre's worth of the tasty fresh plant!
  • Two parts bean, three parts rancid. They say one bite can give you, um, toxic farts... Pretty dangerous.
  • WARNING: One of nature's most powerful loafs. Anyone who eats the Love Loaf will fall in love with the first person they see. Careful, Jenny!
  • The go-to loaf! Easily made with flour, yeast, water and love.

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