"Rocket Trouble"
Season 1, Episode 7
Production code: 104a
Airdate: March 8, 2014
Written by: Russ Carney

Ron Corcillo

Directed by: Dave Stone
Storyboarded by: Jeremy Bernstein

Robert Iza
MJ Sandhe

"The Brave and the Mold"

"Rocket Trouble" is the fifth episode in the first season of Breadwinners, and the fifth episode overall. It aired on March 8, 2014.


Buckle up, duckies! The rocket van is about to get some sweet modifications from ace-mechanic Ketta.


The Breadwinners are on a mission to break their previous record for most bread deliveries in a single day (999,999) and the only way to do that is to make one million deliveries. Unfortunately, (but expectedly), they crash their Rocket Van, and decide they need to bring it to their mechanic, a goose named Ketta.

Ketta fixes the van, and installs 100 booster rockets on top of the vehicle. Predictably, SwaySway crashes the van immediately. Ketta repairs the van again, and says she knows how they can make deliveries twice as fast. She builds robotic doubles of SwaySay and Buhduece called B2-D2, and Sway3PO.

At first, the robots tell the boys they have things under control, and that they should go take a break. When the boys get bored in the back of the van and return to the front, the Breadbots tell the Breadwinners that they are being replaced by the robots. The boys don't like this, and a fight ensues. With no one driving, the van crashes back at Ketta's garage, and the Breadbots enter "extermination mode", trying to kill all three ducks. Knowing that the Breadbots were programmed to be just like SwaySway and Buhduece, the boys trick the bots by placing a fake order to be delivered to the inside of a nearby volcano. The ensuing explosion destroys the bots, and the boys make their one millionth delivery on schedule (Ketta), breaking the record.



Major characters

Minor characters


  • The Steering wheel had a beak, it is unknown why.

Cultural References

  • Sway3PO Can Be Seen in the 1983 music video "Autonatic Man" by Michael Sembello [[1]]
  • The Breadbots' Extermination Mode may be a reference to Doctor Who, in which the Doctor's enemies, the Daleks, keep saying "Exterminate!"
  • When Sway3PO says, "Get over here!", and extends his arm to grab SwaySway before delivering an uppercut, it is a parody of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.
  • When SwaySway, Buhdeuce and Ketta jump over the tires in order to hide from the breadbots, the jumping noise made is similar to the one heard in the Mario Bros series games.


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