Rusty is the main antagonist on the episode "Graining Day". He disguised himself to look like a breadwinner using some bread to trick SwaySway and Buhdeuce, however he only convinced SwaySway. He tried to eat the sleeping SwaySway (but not Buhdeuce for some reason), so Buhdeuce had to transform to protect him. After Buhdeuce (in the form of a pepper) jumped into his mouth, Rusty (transformed into a monster) screamed in pain and exploded shortly afterwards. It is unknown if this killed him or not, but it most likely did.


As a Breadwinner, he is a light-yellow feathered duck. He bears a cowboy hat, navy blue overalls, and a white beard. As a monster, he is a giant red spider creature with seven eyeballs. He still has the beard and cowboy hat.