Savage Supper Dance
Song by SwaySway
Released 2014
Episode "Lost at Pond"
Genre(s) Rap
Length 0:55
Breadwinners 'Savage Supper Dance' Official Music Video Nick00:56

Breadwinners 'Savage Supper Dance' Official Music Video Nick

"Savage Supper Dance" is a rap song that SwaySway sings in "Lost at Pond".


You put a pound of spaghetti on top of your head,
Then you whip it back and forth all over your friend.
Take the finest caviar and a giant cake,
Rub it on your belly, and shove it in your face.
Take a hot bag of crab, and throw it at some ducks,
Or grab some steamy creamed corn, and dump it in your tux.
Slap a steak on your back, chug that tarter sauce.
Get down on your knees, and yank the table cloth!

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