Breadwinners ‘Bad to the Duck Bone’ Official Sneak Peek Nick01:20

Breadwinners ‘Bad to the Duck Bone’ Official Sneak Peek Nick


SnakeSnake is a alter ego of SwaySway. He appeared in Bad to the Duck Bone.


SnakeSnake is green. He has black hair. He has a soul patch. He has a orange beak, sharp teeth, a forked tounge, and snake like eyes. His nails were shown to be painted black. His clothes consists of a black torn V-neck T-shirt, black shorts, spiked wristbands, solid black boots, and a dark blue hat with a skull on it.


SnakeSnake is a extremely wicked duck. He's evil.



SnakeSnake is mean to Buhdeuce. The first thing he did to Buhdeuce is he used him as a bad boy wingman. He also kicked Buhdeuce into a dumpster, he hissed at him. Buhdeuce and SnakeSnake are enemies.

Jenny Quackles Jenny loves snakesnake(Only because he is a bad boy) That was until that SnakeSnake turned into a giant snake-man and vored on her.

Biker Ducks SnakeSnake hates the leader of the biker ducks. He Bad Boy party punched the biker duck. He called the biker duck, "Biker DORK" He even smashed biker ducks' leader's motorcycle with his rotten van. He even ate him while in snake-man form.

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