This is the full script for Space Ducks

  • (Episode Starts)
  • SwaySway: Bubblegum Rye
  • Buhdeuce: Booty Kick! Check
  • SwaySway: Huckleberry Spaghetti
  • Buhdeuce: Hoo-wa! Check
  • SwaySway: Holy Wheat. Lumpernickle. Rainbow Confetti
  • Buhdeuce: (Throws) Check
  • SwaySway: Puffernickle
  • Buhdeuce: HMM, Puffernickle... I wonder why it's called (Puffes up) Puffernickle
  • SwaySway: Question, you just got answered
  • (Test Pops Out)
  • Ketta: Woah no One of you didn't make the cut
  • Buhdeuce: (Cries) All My Space Dreams Dashed in space instance
  • SwaySway: This Is Ridickulous! There is no way I'm not going to the inky black void without my best bap
  • Ketta: Your right. Your not going. Because your one who didn't pass
  • (Jaw Drop)
  • Buhdeuce: Whobidawhat
  • Ketta: It says your to (shows contract) quazy to go into space. Sorry SwaySway
  • SwaySway: But then I can't be the first Breadwinner to deliver bread in space?(Parts of his body fall off)
  • Ketta: Nope Faid not. But at least Buhdeuce Can
  • No way, I'm not going out there without my best bap! No sir no badoobie doo!
  • Buhdeuce, you have to. You're a breadwinner which means no matter the matter'll always deliver and never-
  • OK, bye bye chow. (runes to space rocket van 1)
  • (cries) can I still get the free tee-shirt? (Ketta gives him tee-shirt, SwaySway blows nose on it, Ketta looks a bit grossed out by it) thanks
  • Both: Bread in space!
  • SwaySway: We brought the ducks some bread,
  • Both: and we shoved it in their face!
  • Ketta: Whoa, ma, gosh, what are you doing up there SwaySway You Didn't Pass the training


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