(The scene shows SwaySway and Buhdeuce mining bread)

SwaySway: Man, I love mining bread!

Buhdeuce: Me too, bap. It's just so peaceful down here.

(They both sigh until a purple, giant Stanky Dank Cave monster busts through the wall of bread, leaving a hole. The two Breadwinners scream until the monster throws up a Stank Bread, they scream again, Sway-Sway beats the monster with his mining axe)

SwaySway: Whoa. Do you know what you got there? That's Stank Bread!

(A worm comes out of the rotten bread and burps out a sock)

Buhdeuce: Oh no! Stank Bread?! THIS IS TERRIBLE! ...What's Stank Bread?

SwaySway: Only the foulest loaf of bread known to fowl. (scene shows the creation process of Stank Bread) It's formed deep within the Stanky Dank Caves, when a cave monster eats a moldy loaf of bread and regurgitates it. Then, another monster does the same thing. Then another, and another. And another, and another, and another, and another... (back to the mines) They say one bite can stankify your breath so bad, it will never be the same.

Buhdeuce: (wolfing down pieces of the Stank Bread) Wow, SwaySway. That story had it all.

SwaySway: (shocked) Deucer, NO! (slaps the Stank Bread off Buhdeuce's hands) Scrope that loaf!

Buhdeuce: (gasps) I just ate the Stank Bread!? (screams as bad breath emits from his beak)

SwaySway: (cups Buhdeuce's beak) That's stank alright. You smell like a butt's butt.

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