Breadwinners EPISODE 13 FULL HD22:33

Breadwinners EPISODE 13 FULL HD

This article is a transcript of the Breadwinners episode "TNT-Midifrom season one, which aired on October 11, 2014.
  • [Episode starts with SwaySway and Buhdeuce flying in the rocket van with shocked faces]
  • Buhdeuce: I can't believe my eyeballs! [corneas grow smaller]
  • SwaySway: I know. We have never driven at this speed before! [camera zooms out to show the rocket van moving very slowly. Geese are moving faster than the rocket van. Buhdeuce sticks his head out the window]
  • Buhdeuce: Yeah, yeah, we're going as fast we can! [a feather falls off a goose and lands on Buhdeuce] Ah, ah, achoo! [sniffes. giggle] Sorry, I'm allergic to goose feathers. [Buhdeuce faces SwaySway] Hey bap, remind me again why we're flying so slow?
  • SwaySway: Because, my ducky duck, we are carrying a load of highly dangerous, Spicy Dynamite Bread. (Takes bread)
  • Buhdeuce: Oh, I remember. The city is going to demolish that quazy upside down building in Duck Town. (Scene goes to Duck Town with upside down building, constructed duck falls, Quack)
  • SwaySway: I really should have thought that one through.

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