this game is a quiz game with the charathers in the show breadwinners ( SwaySway,Buhdeuce,Ketta and Jelly)

grab a loaf

  • jelly filed alpha (jelly)
  • huckleberry spaghetti (buhdeuce)
  • exploding barely (ketta)
  • classic (sway sway)

what would you do if you got a bad haircut

  • throw on my fave hat (sway sway)
  • go berserks (buhdeuce)
  • put on a helmet (ketta)
  • who needs hair ? (jelly)

how do you feel about your alarm clock

  • i loaf it (sway sway)
  • no buhdoobie doo! (buhdeuce)
  • i built my own (ketta)
  • i don't have one (jelly)

what's your favorite thing about the rocket van

  • the seats (buhdeuce )
  • the steering levers (Swaysway)
  • the rocket (jelly)
  • the turbo engine (ketta)

who do you look up to ?

  • my parents (swaysway)
  • my best bap (buhdeuce)
  • my babysitter (jelly)
  • albert quack-einstein (ketta)

which ride would you choose ?

what's your favorite color ?

  • purple (ketta)
  • blue (sway sway)
  • green (jelly)
  • red (buhdeuce)

its your turn to do the dishes ! what do you do ?

  • play video games instead (swaysway)
  • build a washing machine (ketta)
  • run away from home (buhdeuce)
  • wash them clean (jelly)

what do you say when life's not going your way

  • aw lug nuts (ketta)
  • never give up (swaysway)
  • bubble nuggets! (buhdeuce)
  • ribbit (jelly)

what's your greatest fear

  • losing my tools (ketta)
  • wedgies (buhdeuce)
  • giant vacuums (jelly)
  • dissatisfied costumers (swaysway)

get your results

next game punk you very much

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