Now I know what you guys are tthinking.  "Is this for real?" Or "who is her?" Well if you breadheads keep reading you will see who exactly "she" is.


So you know how on one of the episodes the Bread maker says to swaysway and Buhduece "you are the last breadwinners of your kind"? WELL.....the kind tthey are is boys.😏#$neaky.Katie is the first girl breadwinner and the Last one too. Sway and Buhduece met her when they bumped into her and saw her hat.They all decided to join together and be baps. Swaysway has a (little) crush on her.😍 Katie may be baps with swaysway and Buhduece but her BESTEST bap is ketta!!


Unlike the other girl ducks (and Mr pumpers)Katie is a neon green duck with a purple hat jagged black hair (bad haircut)and 3 freckles on her cheek. She is always wearing cute yet random outfits.her bread delivering outfit is her purple hat and anything purple.💄hopefully I'll have some drawings of her soon (Hand drawn)and you won't be disappointed.👍


Katie is quirky😝 funny🙌,nice🙋 and sometimes bossy or sarcastic🙅.Also her fave bread is bubble gum rye.I might even make some mini episodes with her in it.whatdyya think?tell me! (My idea completely)🙆🙆😏😝😜

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