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  • Chuck123456

    Hey, it's almost 5 months since Flock Collecting and Bye Bye Booty aired in Poland, and it's still don't aired in US. So, I decided to translate them to English. English is not my first language, so do not hesitate to correct me in comments. I also started translating Bye Bye Booty, and I will post it in another blog. Enjoy!

    SwaySway: He's walking through the grass. He's looking for things or not. Just look what he's doing here. He's putting the rock, yeah! Rock! Yeah! Rock! Buhdeuce is rock collector! Rock! Yeah! Rock! Buhdeuce is rock collector! He's watching. He's picking. And sometimes he rejects them!

    Buhdeuce: You're out!

    SwaySway: Buhdeuce is rock collector!

    Buhdeuce: Sway, check it out!

    SwaySway: Wow! What are these?

    Buhdeuce: Well, it l…

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