Season 1

Thug Loaf - The security system punches SwaySway.

Mine All Mine - Row Your Cart song.

Stank Breath - "You got STANKED!".

Frog Day Afternoon - Big Baby Buns song.

Employee of the Month - Best Breadwinner song.

Brocrastination - Turbo Dishwasher 3000.

Rocket Trouble - Fight scene near the end.

The Brave and the Mold - Buhdeuce giving the Emerald Loaf the ol' Bersukovitch charm.

Lost at Pond - Savage Supper Dance.

From Bad to Nurse - The duty in the bathtub monment.

Love Loaf - SwaySway's two love songs.

Beach Day of Horror - The ending.

Quazy for Vanessa - "Vanessa" telling bad stuff about herself.

Tunnel of Fear - T-Midi: I ordered 46 loaves of 47 grain. Not 47 loaves of 46 grain!

Driver's Breaducation - SwaySway cramming the book into Buhdeuce.

Food Fight Club - SwaySway and Buhdeuce coming at each other, making T-Midi's eyes covered.

Diner Ducks - Buhdeuce trying to lay an egg.

Switcheroo - Swaydeuce and Buhsway.

Introducktions - Leachwinners.

Fowl Feud - Breadwinner Battle.

Insane in the Crane Game - Oonski: You're not...a toy? (in tears) Lies hurt, Doorknob. NOW OONSKI MAKE YOU HURT!

Buhdeuce Goes Berserks - Buhdeuce: I COULDN'T AGREE MORE!

Lil Loafie - The Breadwinners can't get ahold of themselves.

Oonski the Grateful - Bubblenuggets song.

TNT-Midi - Buhdeuce vomiting rainbows.

Poltergoose - Buhdeuce complaining about the Poltergoose, while Poltergoose is behind him.

Night of the Living Bread - Pumper-nipples.

Pizzawinners - The competition between the Breadwinners and Pizzawinners.

Yeasterday - SwaySway's sob.

Space Ducks - Ketta setting the spinning machine to maximum turbulence sending SwaySway flying, and hitting the Ketta's Auto Tune-Up sign, and the sign falling on him, then Buhdeuce vomits.

Kettastrophe - SwaySway going quazy over getting g his high scores lost.

Pondgea's Got Talent - SwaySway's love song.

Raging Mole - The Bread Maker refusing to lose on purpose to the Lava Mole, but reconsideres when he hears him cry.

Robot Arms - Rap battle.

PB & J - Fight scene near the end.

Big Screen Buhdeuce - Buhdeuce booty kicking T-Midi really hard.

Weekend at Furfle's - Buhdeuce thinking Mrs. Furfle is T-Midi in disguise.

Birds of a Feather - Buhdeuce refusing to give up.

Season 2

Adventures in Big Baby Bun Sitting - Buhdeuce: YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! CASE CLOSED, THE DEFENSE RESTS!!

Crumbskull - SwaySway: To fixify a pencil that's not even broken, just stand there and do nothing...(Ketta fixifies the pencil anyways).

Bad to the Duck Bone - Buhdeuce trying to give SwaySway duck hugs.

Rodeo Ducks - Froogy back-a-Jelly.

Chest Hair Club - Chest hair joust.

Bros' Night Out - T-Midi basically exploding with snot, making him the sulten of snot.

Viking Ducks - Buhdeuce's belch blowing the other 3 Viking ducks, then the table.

Birthday Bread - Pool of tears.

Wolf Head Bread - The Bread Maker's telling the Breadwinners about the Wolf Head Bread freaking Buhdeuce out!

Rock N' Roar - Got your booty song.

Movie Ducks - The Bread Winnerz movie.

Don't Feed the Duckosaurs - This is Dino-love.

Wrath of the Pizza Lord - We be helping the Pizzawinners deliver their pizza song.

Shrunken Ducks - Rambamboo going crazy when SwaySway and Buhdeuce are in her ear, or climbing up her booty.

Trash Bandit - Dump Island.

Eat at Pumpers - Eat at Pumpers commercial.

A Crustmas Story - the Crustmas story Bread Maker tells.

Bye Bye Booty - The second song.

Flock Collecting - The blue rock falling on Buhdeuce like a mini-Boulder despite it being light.

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