• Tickle Bear

    I think it's true

    August 16, 2017 by Tickle Bear

    i think I'm Kenneth's only fan

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  • Tickle Bear


    August 9, 2017 by Tickle Bear

    If SwaySway hid in a bathroom for 60 years in Quack to the Future, does that mean he's not Buhdeuce's friend anymore? Is that why Buhdeuce abandoned him at the end, to show their friendship won't last forever?

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  • Tickle Bear


    April 29, 2017 by Tickle Bear

    I have a about this show. T-Midi acts like he's interacted with his mother on a daily basis, but we never actually see her outside of the photo. I have two theories.

    1. She died and lives inside of the photo as a ghost.

    2. Her being alive is in T-Midi's head because he's in denial.

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