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The viking lullaby is sung by Oonski the Great in Oonski the Grateful.


Oonski: Go to Sleep! Go to Sleep! Close your eyes and count some sheep! (Whacks sheep by twos with his mace)

SwaySway and Buhdeuce: (Groaning)

Oonski: Fluff your pillow! Rest your head

Buhdeuce: (Groaning as Oonski punches him in the face twice)

Oonski: Tuck you in! Dream of Bread!

SwaySway: (Groaning while Oonski does the same thing he did to Buhdeuce)

Oonski: Come on Duckies, no more fun! Sleepy time has just begun! Breathe in, breathe out! Start to snore as I shout, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TO SLEEP!

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