This song is sung by SwaySway and Buhdeuce in the episode "Mine All Mine"


  • SwaySway: That's the alarm Going Beep, Beep, Beep. Time to Wakey Wake, Get on your Feet!
  • Buhduece : Okay, I'm on my... Ugh! Face!!!
  • SwaySway: What a Great Day to be a Breadwinner. Whether you're an Expert or a Beginner!
  • Buhduece : "Sway... uh... A little help here!"
  • SwaySway: Down, Down, Down, 2 Ducks Going Down. Into the Bread Mines Deep Underground.
  • Buhduece: Are we There yet?
  • SwaySway: No.
  • Buhduece: Are we There yet?
  • SwaySway: No.
  • Buhduece: Are we There yet?
  • SwaySway: Nope.
  • Buhduece: Are we There yet?
  • SwaySway: Put on your hat and Grab yo axe. Now off we go...
  • SwaySway and Buhduece: ...On the Bread Mine Tracks!!!
  • Buhduece : Oh, Boy. Wedgie in my butt crack!
  • P.A. system computer voice : Keep your Hands in the cart at all times! Remember, safety first in the bread mines.
  • SwaySway and Buhduece: Yay!!!
  • SwaySway and Buhduece: Ow!!!
  • SwaySway: No rocks, no stones, no dirt no granite just tons of bread make up this planet.
  • Buhduece : Mmm, this planet tastes good. [he eats a bread] Nom, Nom, Nom!

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