"Wrath of the Pizza Lord"
Season 2, Episode 13
Production code: 207a
Airdate: November 8, 2015
Written by: Bill Motz & Bob Roth
Directed by: Dave Stone
Storyboarded by: Jeremy Bernstein
Henrique Jardim
Rob Lilly
MJ Sandhe
"Don't Feed the Duckosaurs"
"Shrunken Ducks"

"Wrath of the Pizza Lord" is the 13th episode of Season 2, and the 53rd overall. It aired on November 8, 2015.


SwaySway and Buhdeuce set out to help the Pizzawinners when they discover that their rivals have a mean-spirited boss.



  • This episode marks the second and last appearances of Zoona and Roni.
  • This episode was originally going to air on May 17, 2015, however it was delayed for unknown reasons, being replaced by Bad to the Duck Bone/Rodeo Ducks.
  • This episode was also expected to premiere on May 24, 2015, but was delayed again for unknown reasons, being replaced by Viking Ducks/Birthday Bread.
  • This episode aired in Russia on August 1, 2015, Germany on August 28, 2015, and in Poland on September 1, 2015.
  • It's the third appearance of Feather Cuts and Ninja Barber, following Buhdeuce Goes Berserks and Bros' Night Out.
  • It is revealed that the Pizzawinners "motto" is "Deliver all the pizzas as fast as you can, or the Pizza Lord will bake you in his pizza pan".
  • The mushrooms that work for the Pizza Lord look similar to the Toads in the Super Mario games.



Breadwinners - Pizza Lord - Nickelodeon UK02:05

Breadwinners - Pizza Lord - Nickelodeon UK

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Don't Feed the Duckosaurs Shrunken Ducks

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