Zoona is a minor antagonist of Breadwinners, and one of the Breadwinners' rivals. She is one of the two Pizzawinners. She first appeared in the episode "Pizzawinners" and she is voiced by Tara Strong.


Zoona is cruel and a rude girl at first. She and her best friend Roni love to pick on the Breadwinners and deliver pizzas. Like SwaySway, Zoona demonstrates leadership, except she shows leadership through bossiness, while SwaySway shows it through kindness.


Zoona looks very similar to SwaySway. They are both tall and slim with long hair. The only differences are she has blue hair, royal purple lips, and wears a pink Pizzawinners' uniform. She is also a bit shorter. And she wears spiky wristbands.



Like SwaySway and Buhdeuce, Zoona and Roni are business partners and best friends. Roni is loyal to Zoona and mindlessly follows, obeys, and repeats her most of the time, the latter annoys Zoona a lot.


Season 1


"Nice going, feather-brains. You two totally ruined everything!"

"Get some 'za up in your face!"